This is the Place

places, people, things, films, food...all the things that have shaped my life, i share with you today.

weekends are my favorite time.  weekends without schedules are the best.  i worked so hard in my life to get a job that would require me to not work weekends.  i am a weekend warrior.  i am a weekend eater, sleeper, film watcher.  okay, so sometimes i still work weekends, but damn, i love the freedoms of saturday and sunday.  

my other half and i love going to this amazing restaurant is our sweet little town:  they have the most amazing breakfasts and coffee.  there is usually a wait so we brought mad libs yesterday and that was a winning choice.  

baking on weekends is also one of the best things ever.  i was the first employee at the best bakery on the planet: and boy was i thrilled that cheryl and griff came out with their own cookbook.  i recommend it to anyone who loves true to heart baking.  cheryl’s chocolate chip cookies are the best in the universe.  bake some!